How to Get a Polio Certificate in Pakistan? in 2024

How to Get a Polio Certificate in Pakistan?
How to Get a Polio Certificate in Pakistan?


Hi friend, In this useful and important article will discuss, How to Get a Polio Certificate in Pakistan online and off online step-by-step guide. Polio vaccination card has become important documents for those individuals who are traveling abroad, applying for a Visa, or living in Pakistan cities Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. National Data Base and Registration Authority NADRA play a facilitator role in initiating the Polio immunization certificate online at

So, if you are searching polio vaccination certificate near me, what documents are required to download a Polio vaccination card online, and the validity of a polio vaccination certificate, this guide is also included in this article.

Polio vaccination is started during childhood and a card is maintained during the age of 5 years. The Polio Eradication program in Pakistan is spread all over the country because Pakistan and Afghanistan are two countries where poliovirus is spreading rapidly and affecting children up to the age of 5 years.

How to Get a Polio Certificate in Pakistan?

NADRA Polio Certificate for International Travelling From Pakistan

A Polio immunization certificate is mandatory for all male and female individuals who are traveling on an international tour from Pakistan and are coming to Pakistan irrespective of all ages to stop the spread of the polio virus.

After Afghanistan, Pakistan is the country where the Polio virus exists and affects the people of the country so other countries demand that Pakistani people must be vaccinated during traveling their country to abroad.

After Polio Vaccination you can easily get a Vaccination card from the NADRA website registration online by giving some information and documents. Individuals who wish to travel abroad must be vaccinated before 12 months for international traveling.

How To Get Polio Vaccination Certificate for International Travelling

If someone is ready to travel to an international country in the coming weeks, you are to prove at the airport that you are polio-vaccinated by showing a polio vaccination certificate. To get a polio immunization certificate visit your city Health Authority office to take polio drops and staff will record your information online then visit the NADRA website to download the vaccination certificate by paying Rs 100/- You can also download said certificate form Pak Vaccination Pass App that are available at both Android and IOS systems.

Polio Vaccination Certificate Validity

If you get polio vaccination for local purposes or for traveling abroad the validity of Polio Vaccination certificates is only one year. If you desire to get a new card after one year, first you are to get polio drops again and download the certificate from the NADRA website online by paying Rs 100/-.

Is a Facility Available at Airports for Polio Vaccination to Get a Certificate?

Definitely, all international airport polio vaccination facilities are available if you missed getting vaccination earlier. After the Polio vaccination at the airport, you were allotted Polio Vaccination certificates on the spot.

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How to Download Polio Vaccination Certificates Online?

If you are living in any city in Pakistan( Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan) and you are required a polio immunization card to travel abroad the following steps must taken,

  • First, you are to visit the Health Authority Office in your city to take drops of polio vaccine.
  • After getting Polio Vaccine Staff will upload your CNIC information online.
  • After that visit the nearest NADRA office or visit their website  to download Polio Vaccination certificates online by putting some information.
How to Download Polio Vaccination Certificates Online?
How to Download Polio Vaccination Certificates Online?
  • The documents you need to download the Polio Vaccination Certificate online are your valid CNIC issued by NADRA and the date of issue.
  • Put your CNIC Number, and its issue date, then select the vaccine type, fill captcha, and click on the verify button below.
  • The next step is to pay fees of Rs 100 to any Easypaisa, Jazzcash, or Bank account to download Poilo Vaccination Certificates.
  • So, your Vaccination will be downloaded, printed it, and keep this card in your safe custody.

To Download a Polio Vaccine Card: Click Here

How to Verify Your Polio Vaccination Certificate?

If you feel that your card must be verified, then an online and easy process is available at the NADRA website by entering your Vaccination Certificate Number, filling in the captcha, and clicking on the verify button.

How to Verify Your Polio Vaccination Certificate?
How to Verify Your Polio Vaccination Certificate?

How to Get a Polio Certificate in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad?

Very easy steps to get Polio Vaccination certificates in your cities Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Quetta,

  • Go to your city health authority office and take drops of polio vaccine.
  • Health Authority will upload your CNIC details online.
  • Then visit your city NADRA office or Visit the NADRA online Portal to download your Polio Immunization certificate online.

Polio Vaccine Halal Or Haram?

Confusion is found in most of the people of Pakistan whether the Polio Vaccine is Halal Or Haram. I want to clarify that all Muslim countries are using Polio Vaccine drops to save the future of their children. Imam-e-Kaabs also advised the Muslim countries to use this polio eradication vaccine.

So, this is the complete process, How to get a Polio Certificate in Pakistan Online and at the NADRA office by entering some information.


So, I have briefed all the steps to get a Polio card for your international visa or domestic needs. Read it carefully and resolve your problem.

How to Get Polio Certificate Online in Pakistan

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I get a polio certificate?

Simply visit the NADRA online portal to download a Polio Certificate online by giving some information.

How do I check my polio vaccine record?

Visit the NADRA website to check your polio vaccine record.

What is the validity of polio certificate?

The validity of the Polio Certificate is only 1 year.

Is polio card necessary to travel abroad?

Yes, a Polio card is necessary to travel abroad because at departure this card is checked by airport staff.

How to apply polio certificate in Pakistan online?

To apply for Polio Vaccination Certificate visit the NADRA online portal, enter some information and download your Polio card.

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