Best Free Online Courses for Students In Pakistan 2024 with Certificate

If you are a seeker of the Best Free Online Courses for Students In Pakistan with a Certificate then this post is for you. In this post, I will try my best to give you complete details of websites running in Pakistan and provide free courses online with short-term tenure.

The best thing about these courses is that you don’t need to spend any money but you have time to learn some skills for your bright future. The websites that I will tell are free and offer multiple courses on which you will enroll free of cost.

Today online courses for students have become more popular among students. To get access to these courses you must have a mobile or computer and an internet connection. After completion of the course, you will get certification from these online websites.

So, stay on this page because I am going to give you complete information about these websites below.

Benefits of Online Courses in Pakistan

There are many benefits you will get when you register yourself on the free online courses platform

  • Some people avoid traveling to go into an institution for the course then this opportunity is very beneficial for them to get knowledge at home.
  • The other benefit of these courses is that they are short of period courses and you would able to get a certificate with free of cost.
  • After completion of these, you will get a huge amount of money from free online earning platforms like Fiverr, Up Work, and So, get complete information about free online course websites, get the certificate, and start online earning at home.
  • The benefit of a free online course is that you have access to a large amount of content and videos that enhance your skills, and knowledge.
  • The online course will minimize your expenditure on books, notebooks, and transportation.

Best Free Online Courses for Students In Pakistan 2024 with Certificate

Best Free Online Courses for Students
Best Free Online Courses for Students In Pakistan with Certificate

Best Free Online Courses Websites In Pakistan

Below are the list and details of the top 10 best free Online websites in Pakistan that provide quality content for Pakistani students and international students as well

1- DigiSkills

This online courses platform is very popular in Pakistan and a leading provider of quality courses for Pakistani students for self-employment. Digiskills is working under the Government of Pakistan and announced an online course in the short term for 3 months.

It is the first online website of Pakistan that enrolled people with zero knowledge and less education.

Many students completed their online courses from Digiskills and now they are able to earn money from earning plate form.

Following are the courses that Digiskkills provides on 3 month’s tenure

  • WordPress
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Literacy
  • Free Lancing
  • Creative Writing
  • SEO
  • E-Commerce
  • Auto Cad

To access this fantastic course on Digiskills, you are to register first then select the course which you want to learn online.

There is no restriction of age, education, or background for these courses. Anybody can enroll on Digiskills who want to get a new skill.


This online free courses site is very popular in the world. Pakistani people can also register on this site for free online courses. This website also provides quality training courses for desired students and common people for free of cost.

Udemy provides at least 6500 free online courses with high-quality content. Pakistani candidates may enroll on the Udemy website for the desired course they want to learn and get an evergreen skill which huge amount of many from online earning.

Udemy provides free and paid courses for all candidates across the border to fulfill the requirements of modern technology.


Another fantastic online website for courses for all over the world students and common people who want skills for their right future. Pakistani candidates may also enroll in this website to learn new skills offered by Coursera.

Coursera is a rated online website and it gained about 25 million registered candidates all over the world. Coursera’s online learning website contains about 2000 courses with high-quality content. Coursera also provides a free library for everyone. Students have free access in this library to read any kind of book in which they have an interest.

After completion of the online course, you would be allotted a certificate that is recognized by the whole world.


SkillSahre is another pate form for online courses. This website is American-based and candidates from all over the world including Pakistan can take admission for the best online courses on your doorstep.

There are 19000 courses available on the SkillShare website for its users. Explore new skills, deepen existing passions, and get lost in creativity.

SkillShare is one of the best websites to get an online course that will spark your creativity and you will be able to get an amazing range of content. I recommended this website for those knowledge seekers who are looking for new skills.


Skill sucess is a a top-level website in Pakistan to learn online courses that provide huge categories to learn some more new skills like business, technology, health, personal development, beauty, fashion anf advanced language.

To get course-related pieces of information and to register easily, you can access skill sucess website below. After completing the online course from this website you will be awarded a certificate.

You must keep one thing in mind if you wish to learn some advanced skills then register on this website, not because of the certificate. After a certified certificate, you will able to get a fantastic job and can learn from freelancing platforms.

6-Living Training Lab

Another fantastic and reliable website in Pakistan for online courses for a bright future. Almost 20000 fresh students recommended this website for online courses. This website not only prepares you for the next exam but to enhance your skill power.

This website basically offers technology-based courses and also provides multi-dimensional computer training for desired students. So, it provides both types of courses paid and free but does not compromise on quality education.

This website is specially designed for Pakistani students to polish their skills. offers both type of course like free and paid.The website offers curriculum counseling from class 7th to 4th grade students.

The website also provides material for entry tests in MCAT and SAT. If you want to enhance your skill in a particular subject through online courses then this website expands your vision. So, you have decided to get a course with certification then select one course from this platform.


The above-mentioned websites provide you with the best free Online Courses for students in Pakistan These Websites are country-based and international based and they give you certificates after the completion of a free online course that are valid for any government jobs and private jobs in Pakistan. After taking the course you can utilize your skills for the Freelancing platform.

Online FREE Courses with Free Certificates

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